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Cycling routes, hiking trails around Lake Maggiore, Lugano, Varese

Precise and reliable info regarding cycling routes, hiking trails, maps, touristic attractions and useful places if you are a traveller.

The goal of is share and spread for free the knowledge of the cycling routes, hiking trails around Lake Maggiore, Lugano, Varese in the hope this may be useful to help and get started with your planning for your outdoor activity.

So far, no one has never put together and shared detailed and accurate info regarding cycling routes and hiking trails across the province of Varese to make your outdoor activity smooth, easy and adventurous.

We have spent a great deal of time creating our routes to cater to all tastes. Covering the best of the province of Varese, as well as many of the places of historical and tourist interest that can be found in our area.

The routes are divided into five sections:

  • Road bike
  • Climbs
  • Mountain bike
  • Cycle paths
  • Hiking


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We are specialized in road cycling tours, in activities off-the bike, mapping and information for cycle tourism across the Italian and Swiss Lake District.
The area, with its grand lakes (Lake Maggiore, Lake Lugano, Lake Como) and several small basins (Lake Orta, Lake Varese, Lake Comabbio, Lake Monate, Lake Ganna) offers a true round cycling holiday destination from April to October.

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The cycling routes are for you whether:

  • you are male or female,
  • you race or meander,
  • you love challenge climbs or cycle paths
  • you have got a carbon bike or a vintage steel bike,
  • your whole family shares a love for cycling or it's just you,
  • you want to spend one week riding or simply a ride only.


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