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Grazie ai nostri ospiti per tutto quello che hanno detto di noi.
Grazie ad alcuni nostri ospitiper tutto quello che hanno detto di noi.

Amazing! I'd recommend this tour to any avid cyclist who enjoys challenging rides, beautiful scenery, delicious food and wonderful people. Stefano is a very knowledgeable and competent guide.
I was able to simply enjoy the lake views and country sides while Stefano gracefully navigated each days route.
There is some traffic in town and on the routes however, I found drivers to be quite aware and courteous of cyclist.
The entire staff at Hotel Ungheria are warm and welcoming. The Sagafredo Family does a great job with hotel operations and Martina, Marina, Ilaria, and Maria provide warm and kind service. The morning breakfast includes a large selections of delicious options and great coffee.
Upon return from each days ride a buffet snack awaits you. This "snack" as they call it is nothing short of a full meal with amazing extras beyond your preselected menu. The rooms are spacious and comfortable with great sunset views.
The experience has made me a stronger rider while enriching my life with lasting memories of Varese and the Northern Italian Lakes.

David Franceschina, Seattle, WA, USA (stayed in Varese, September 2017)

We need to post a very big thank you to Stefano for taking us on the best cycling tour. We can't rate this high enough.
And a special thanks also to Simone and his wonderful parents & sisters at Hotel Ungheria, who were so friendly and welcoming, nothing was too much trouble and they couldn't do enough for us. Highly recommend their bike hotel.
Back to the riding, Stefano planned everything in great detail, he had a book made up of every day's ride with options for harder rides if you wished. The rides he planned were fun, challenging, always included beautiful and interesting scenery and visits to unique places.
We were always fascinated by and loved riding through the little villages, some with cobblestones paths, others with roads wide enough for 1 car only .
He showed us Sacro Monte, which then became a 'must do challenge ride', Villa Ponti, Villa Panza, Villa Della Porta Bozzolo, the Hermitage of Santa Caterina del Sasso on Lake Maggiore; did the Brinzio climb a few times & in reverse, we went to Lake Lugano, we were excited that we rode into Switzerland.
That week at Varese was the big highlight of our few weeks in Italy, and we would highly recommend Lakes of North Italy Bike Tours to anyone!

Jan and Alan Kerr, Towradgi, NSW, Australia (stayed in Varese, July 2017)

Had a great time exploring the stunning lakes region around Varese with Stefano and 2 other Australians!
Stefano was very friendly and welcoming, and went out of his way to help us with the bikes, adapt the route if we were tired, and show us some of the hidden treasures on the backroads of the region (including gelato shops!).
His knowledge of the area and care for his guests is exceptional! I've left with a sense of achievement for some of the tough climbs we did, and glad that I survived the cobblestones in the tiny villages . Thank you Stefano!

Vanessa Hughes, Broadview, SA, Australia (stayed in Varese, July 2017)

We had an amazing time taking part in the Northern Italy Gentle Bike tour.
It was challenging in parts but the views of the lakes and mountains were definitely worth the effort. Our tour guide, Stefano was very knowledgeable and it was a pleasure to ride with him.
The hotel was perfect and all the family and staff were very friendly and helpful.
We will definitely be back.

Rosie & Roland Pompermaier, Farnborough, Hampshire, UK, (stayed in Varese, May 2017)

We, as a group, would like to thank you all for the warm and excellent service which was given to us during our 6 day cycling tour.
It was just fantastic from the first few minutes we arrived at the hotel to the last few minutes we left to the airport.
We were always treated very well both as far as all the services within the Hotel itself, to and during all the cycling routes we had !
Not to mention the fantastic and beautiful places we visited ! The place itself is already beautiful and thanks to your team it was just a fantastic and unforgettable experience.
Food provided was always excellent , not to mention those energy snacks provided to us during the rides !
Keep it up guys and thanks for this unforgettable experience indeed !

Saluti a tutti. Ci Vediamo di sicuro
Mark Gauci, Michael Grima, Raphael Fenech Adami, James Saliba,
Brian Rogers, Geoffrey Farrugia, Anton Galea and Rennie Abela
, from Malta, (stayed in Varese, September 2016)

On behalf of my wife, Sandra, together with Carole and Roy Hill, I'd like to express my appreciation to the hotel , its serving staff and, especially, to our bicycle guide, Stefano, for making what could have been a distressing week in Varese such an enjoyable one.

When we made our reservation last April, we had no way of knowing that Roy would have a serious fall on his bicycle in Canada just weeks before leaving for Italy. The nearly 4 week gap following his fall in which Roy was unable to ride, obviously affected his ability to climb the hills around Varese.
That Stefano was able to alter our planned routes to make them less steep and shorter on such short notice showed remarkable planning flexibility.
After the first night, we also enjoyed all of the restaurants arranged for us to eat at - especially for me the two nights at the fish restaurant. And the after cycling late lunch servings "hit the spot" (I.e. they were exceptionally welcome).

The bicycle I rode on was among the best I have ridden because it was super light with easy changing gears.
Thanks again for a very enjoyable week in quite difficult conditions.
Sandra and I have now posted our pictures of our stay in Varese :

W. Paul McCrossan, Toronto, Ontario, Canada, (stayed in Varese, September 2015)

My wife and I thoroughly enjoyed our bike tour at the Hotel Ungheria in September 2015.
The hotel served all of our needs and the family running the hotel could not have been nicer to us than they were.
We were looking for a bike tour in Northern Italy with the following characteristics: affordable, challenging without being too difficult, nice roads with manageable traffic, and being around good people. The tour met all those needs.

The price was right and included seven nights in the hotel, all meals were included (we had plenty to eat and drink) along with rides to and from the restaurants, and it was very nice to have our bike clothes washed for us each day.
The daily bike rides had spectacular scenery and varied routes led very well by our guide Stefano.
There were some good climbs, like Monte Campo dei Fiori, that provided for a good workout.
Optional routes could be chosen depending on how ambitious the cyclist was that day.

Some day we would like to go back and do the ride over to Lake Como.
Traffic wasn't a problem. Each ride leaves the hotel in Varese and the first 5-6 miles go through the city and there are plenty of cars in that stretch out and back but after that traffic was mostly a non-issue and after the first day we were comfortable leaving and returning to the hotel.
We met and rode with five others on the tour and had a great time with them - riding, having meals together, and just sitting around chatting.

Thanks again to the hotel manager, Simone and his family for their hospitality and our tour leader, Stefano, for showing us the sights of Northern Italy and parts of Switzerland.
We hope to return before too long.
The hotel's website includes a great deal of information on the daily routes showing where they go and the range of difficulty for both the basic and avid options.
Use these to determine whether the gentle biker or road biker tour is best suited for you.

Bob and Nancy Norcross, Madison, Wisconsin, USA, (stayed in Varese, September 2015)

This is the email Stan Stewart sent out to his bike club: Sunnyvale-Cupertino Cycling Club

Stan Stewart, Los Gatos, California, USA, (stayed in Varese, July 2015)

Subject: 2016 GPS Varese Schedule, Northern Italy into parts of Switzerland
If you're interested at all, I can provide any additional info you might want on this great week of riding (and great week of food!) for this GPS Varese road schedule. A very economical cost to boot.
I can promise you that no matter what your fitness level is, every day the ride can be designed to challenge you or alternately give you an easier day, if needed.
Once you get out of town (5-10 km) you essentially have NO traffic, great forests, beautiful views and very interesting historical towns to stop in, some dating from Roman times.
Besides getting in/out of town, the only other areas than can have some traffic are on a couple of sections of lakefront on Lake Lugano into Switzerland.
Without further delay, see below.

I have been to Italy many times visiting relatives and site seeing.
My stay at Hotel Ungheria and bike tour with Stefano is one of my most memorable trips.
The Segafredo family have created a warm, hospitable, traditional hotel experience complete with quiet rooms, a fantastic breakfast, food for a day of biking topped off with a classic northern Italian meal in a local Varese restaurant.
Stefano, with his local knowledge of the area, lead us through the magnificent countryside that surround 5 beautiful lakes.
I have fond memories of a wonderful week.
I highly recommend this adventure to anyone looking to experience the wonderful lakes region of Italy with the Segafredo family as hosts.

Ronald C. Licata , Wethersfield, Connecticut, USA (stayed in Varese, June 2015)

Thanks VERY Much for a great bike holiday and the hotel experience.
The Hotel was EXTREMELY nice, the breakfasts were fantastic, MORE than enough. The snack for lunch was very good, the snack when we got back was also EXTREMELY good. The Fresh baking by Anna every day was and should be a great selling point in your website.
You can say anything you like about it, we would support it. Stressing that the hotel is a family business and that all the siblings work there is also a nice thing. Frankly the hotel is a VERY nice place, and the rooms and services are as good as one could desire.
The bike tours each day WERE very good. Stefano made the tours good for the level of the slowest rider in our group and that was good. The roads outside Varese were amazing and for the most part very good.
I have to say that the trip was great. WE would NOT comment like this if we didn't have a great trip. We comment because we really enjoyed the hotel and the tours, and want to make the experience even better so that it will be a big success.

Paul Kramer, Berkeley, California, USA (stayed in Varese, September 2014)